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If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways

If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways Buy Now
Format Ebook
ISBN 978-1-58642-192-2
Published Mar 1, 2011
Imprint Steerforth Press

The award-winning author of Ishmael shares his advice on how to challenge your own thought processes so you can see the world in new, creative, revolutionary ways

In Ishmael, Daniel Quinn offered new ways of seeing and understanding human history, and our collective future. His message was transformative for millions of people, and Ishmael continues to attract tens of thousands of new readers each year. Subsequent works, such as The Story of B and My Ishmael, expanded upon his insights and teachings, but only now does he finally tackle the one question he has been asked hundreds of times but has never taken on: “How do you do what you do?” In If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways Quinn elucidates for readers the methods behind his own thought processes, challenging and ultimately empowering them to view the world for themselves in creative, perhaps even revolutionary ways.

If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways also includes Quinn’s never-before-published essays “The New Renaissance” and “Our Religions.” There is a scientific consensus that global warming is approaching a tipping point beyond no return faster than had previously been predicted. Quinn has long portrayed humans as “a species of beings, which, while supposedly rational, are destroying the very planet they live on.” So what are we to do? There has never been a plan for the future—and there never will be. But something extraordinary will happen in the next two or three decades; the people of our culture will learn to live sustainably—or not. Either way, it will be extraordinary. The sooner we understand this reality, the greater the chances that human society will transform itself so that the human race might have a future.


An originality and a clarity that few would deny." - The New York Times

About the Author

Daniel Quinn

Daniel Quinn was an American author and cultural critic. He is best known for his novel Ishmael for which he won the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship Award among 2,500 other international entrants. His other works include The Story of B; My Ishmael; and Tales of Adam. He lived with his wife, Rennie, in Houston, Texas. For more information, visit the author’s website at

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