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Moral Injury In Medicine

Happy book birthday to IF I BETRAY THESE WORDS: Moral Injury in Medicine and Why It’s So Hard for Clinicians to Put Patients First by Wendy Dean, MD With Simon Talbot, MD. We are so proud of this book, and its message. It is one that is sure to resonate with so many people. Find out what all the buzz is about, and then go to your favorite bookseller or . . .

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Forthcoming Titles

Steerforth Press

Since 1994, Steerforth Press has sought to publish books that are written well, intended to engage the full attention of the reader, and have something new or important to say.

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Truth to Power Books

In 2020, Steerforth Press launched Truth to Power Books: investigative journalism, iconoclastic histories, and personal accounts that are nuanced, thoughtful, and reliable — qualities at a premium in the Internet age — and that inform through storytelling, not argument. 

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