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Goodbye to Clocks Ticking

How We Live While Dying

Goodbye to Clocks Ticking Buy Now
Format Audiobook Hardcover Ebook
ISBN 978-1-58642-348-3 978-1-58642-360-5 978-1-58642-361-2
Published Mar 7, 2023
Imprint Steerforth Press
Category Biography & Memoir Health Health & Fitness Health & Wellness Inspirational Inspirational & Spiritual More Health... More Inspirational... Philosophy Religion & Philosophy

An emotional and uplifting journey of truly seeing, and appreciating, all that life has to offer in the year following a terminal diagnosis

For fans of Ann Patchett’s These Precious Days and Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking

Goodbye to Clocks Ticking is an unforgettable book that will make readers cry and smile. After thirty-two years of teaching, Joe Monninger, an avid outdoorsman in robust health, was looking forward to spending a long retirement with the love of his life in a cabin beside a New England estuary. Three days after his last class — three days! — he’s diagnosed with lung cancer, even though he has not smoked for more than 30 years. It is May, and he’s told that he’ll likely be dead by Labor Day.

Thanks to a new miracle drug, Joe gets a temporary reprieve, but the shock and devastation of his cancer diagnosis had already sent him to his writing desk, where he had processed most of what occurred in his life. Little by little, Joe realized he was writing an account of the year after the diagnosis.

He sets out to live life to the fullest and to write about the year of grace that follows, from his cancer treatments to his innermost thoughts.

Goodbye to Clocks Ticking is a work of wisdom and insight. Joe Monninger’s aubade to the world that he knew and loved offers a page-turning, suspenseful story to relish and to celebrate, to share and to discuss, to ponder and to learn from.

“Full of heart and discovery.” – Booklist, on Joseph Monninger’s writing


Someone in need of precisely this book will pick it up, read it, and their spirit will be lifted."

--Jonathan Carroll, author of Mr. Breakfast

This book is so powerful that I had to stop a couple times to stop my eyes from filling. I especially love Monninger's thoughts on nature and all life and our own existence within it and not separate from it."

--Bill Taddicken, Director of the Iain Nicolson Audubon Center at Rowe Sanctuary

About the Author

Joseph Monninger

Joseph Monninger is the author of eight novels and two memoirs. He has written for Sports Illustrated, American Heritage, Scientific American, and the Boston Globe. He is a two-time recipient of fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts. He lives in New Hampshire.

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