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All That I Have

A Novel

All That I Have Buy Now
Format Paperback Ebook
ISBN 978-1-58642-151-9 978-1-58642-164-9
Published Mar 3, 2009
Imprint Steerforth Press
Literary Fiction

Sheriff Lucian Wing confronts a series of challenges to his settled way of life, his work, his society, and his marriage in this gripping, darkly funny and wise follow-up to Castle Freeman Jr.’s celebrated novel Go With Me.

Wing is an experienced pragmatist who enforces the law with a steady hand and generous tolerance. Things are not going normally, however, in the sheriff’s small corner of southern Vermont. Threats multiply: the arrival in the district of a band of exotic, major-league criminals; an ambitious and aggressive deputy; the self-destructive exploits of a local bad boy; the discovery of a domestic crsis. The sheriff’s response to these diverse forces calls on all the personal resources he has cultivated during his life’s work: patience, tact, cunning, and humor.


It is impossible not to appreciate this spare, meditative and seamlessly crafted novel."

The London Times

. . . brilliant . . . abundant in dry wit and addictive story-writing . . . expect a tale that immerses you with such fluency and awkward realism you’ll ever forget you’re even reading fiction: yes it is that good. The dialogue between ach of the marvelously authentic characters is superb, merging and engrossing and suspenseful plot with a brilliantly dark sense of humour."

The Crack Magazine

A wonderful book. Every paragraph a gem of tough Western poetry. Freeman—like McCarthy, like Proulx and Woodrell—shows us the awkward realness of such lives, and does it with humour, with wry perception, with great style. I look forward eagerly to many more such works."

R. J. Ellory, author of The Anniversary Man

An original voice . . . I had no idea what I was missing. Sean Duke, the Cossacks, and the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi are just part of the pack barking at the end of the drive. Their voices, and Freeman's, illuminate a marvelous novel."

The Oregonian

The wit, humor and keen ear for dialogue Freeman's fans have come to relish . . . an absorbing, suspenseful gem of a novel."

Portsmouth Herald

[A] serving of Vermont wit and wisdom, with a modicum of crime solving on the side . . . though it's not the suspense but the sly, country-cousin charm of Freeman's storytelling that is the main attraction."

The Boston Globe

Freeman writes with a sure hand and a dry wit."

The Sun-Sentinel

[An] absorbing yarn from a writer shrewd with the delayed reveal and deft with his lean, tidy sentences. The novel's 20 short chapters fit as snugly as Lincoln logs, and its dialogue zings with a sly Elmore Leonard lilt."

The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Sheriff Lucian Wing, the narrator of Freeman's wonderfully wry fourth novel, is a laconic, old-fashioned lawman who discovers an outpost of nefarious Russians in his sleepy Vermont county. Wing's Fargo-esque delivery is hysterical, but what makes this spare tale a standout is Freeman's keen ear for dialogue and his affection for the quietly complex characters of small-town life."

People (four stars)

Freeman's pleasantly wicked fourth novel (after Go with Me), set in smalltown rural Vermont, explores the moral choices of a good-hearted, meek sheriff. The laconic and gently self-deprecating sheriff, Lucian Wing, a middle-aged ex-navyman married to a prominent lawyer's daughter, has to decide whether to arrest a young ne'er do well who has broken into an opulent home owned by mysterious Russians and stolen a safe. The problem is that Wing feels for the young criminal, Sean Duke, who works as a laborer, has a winning way with the ladies and is known for his wild behavior. The childless sheriff regards the kid as a kind of bad-boy substitute son and knows that if he doesn't spirit Duke out of town, the Russians will get him first. Meanwhile, Sean makes inroads into the sheriff's chilly marriage, bringing Wing to a crisis of conscience. Freeman sets an intertwined network of provincial egos on a collision course and pulls it off through the wonderfully satisfying point of view of his deadpan sheriff."

Publishers Weekly (starred review)

About the Author

Castle Freeman, Jr.

Castle Freeman Jr. is the award-winning author of five previous books, including most recently the novel Go With Me. He has been a regular essayist for The Old Farmer’s Almanac since 1982 and is also a contributor to Vermont Life magazine. He lives in Newfane, Vermont.

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