About Us

When four partners launched Steerforth Press in 1993, its first catalog featured “Manifesto for a New Press” which declared “Our interests fall into no category, no field, no niche; our tests of a book’s worth are whether it has been written well, is intended to engage the full attention of the reader, and has something new or important to say.”

Founding publishers:  Michael Moore (1941 – 2014), Thomas Powers, Alan Lelchuk, and Chip Fleischer.

Publisher: Chip Fleischer.

Associate Publishers: Helga Schmidt and Devin Wilkie.

Publicity Director: Anthony LaSasso.

Sales and Marketing Director: David Goldberg.

Honorary Editorial Advisors: Mary Catherine Bateson, Jack Beatty, Sara Bershtel, Blair Fuller (1927-2011), Martin Garbus, Edward Hoagland, Terry McDonell, Noel Perrin (1927-2004), William Pritchard, Martin Sherwin, Page Stegner (1937-2017), Wallace Stegner (1909-1993), William Strachan, and Richard Todd (1940-2019).

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