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Poem a Day: Vol. 1

366 Poems, Old and New - One for Each Day of the Year

Poem a Day: Vol. 1 Buy Now
Format Paperback
ISBN 978-1-883642-38-9
Published Jun 1, 1998
Imprint Steerforth Press
Literary Criticism Poetry Poetry - American

“This book is a dream, a revivalist campaign, a challenge, a book of days, and an anthology, all in one.” — The Guardian

This perfect bedside book offers the easiest way to fill your life with more poetry, every day of the year

Poems are meant to be voiced, and Poem a Day includes 366 poems old and new — one for each day of the year — worth learning by heart. It contains many of the most beloved poems and others that will come as a surprise.

Only two criteria were demanded of each poem for inclusion in this collection — it had to be short enough to learn in a day, and good enough to stand among the great poetry of the English language, from Chaucer to Sylvia Plath.

By prominently noting each poem’s corresponding month and day at the top of each page, the book functions like a calendar, providing a handy feature for keeping “on schedule” in your reading and for getting “caught up” when you fall behind.

Even more delightful, this handy dating makes it the perfect book to share and discuss with friends near and far.

Poem a Day is truly a beautiful poetry collection from the past poets to the present. The book provides:

— a great introduction to poetry and poets

— a diverse range of poets and styles

— a short bio of each author at the bottom of the page, which makes reading the poem more meaningful


This book is a dream, a revivalist campaign, a challenge, a book of days, and an anthology, all in one." -- The Guardian

A very good and varied collection, with delightful oddities." -- The Times (London)

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