A Long Strange Search for A Killer

Author Jim Cosgrove
On sale Apr 5th, 2022
USD 16.00
CAD 22.00
True Crime - Murder - General
About This Book
What happens to a family when a loved one disappears?
A chilling, personal, and exquisitely wrought investigation into the death of Frank McGonigle, last seen alive when he hopped into his car and hit the road on a late spring afternoon in 1982 with a wad of cash shoved into his sock.

For nine years, Frank McGonigle's family searched for him at Grateful Dead concerts, in police blotters nationwide, in the face of every long-haired hitchhiker--eventually learning of his murder in a gritty South Carolina fishing village only five days after he’d left home.
For those same nine years, the town’s sheriff and coroner scratched their heads over an unidentified victim and focused their investigations on three notorious local suspects but were unable to stir up enough evidence to press charges.
It wasn't until 1995 that Jim Cosgrove, a McGonigle family friend and journalist, picked up the trail of Frank’s cold case. Following his instincts and whisps of smalltown rumors, he uncovered connections to a ruthless local crime boss and blunders by the threadbare sheriff’s department. When his research began to stall, a chance meeting with the soft-hearted, straight-talking Carol Williams provided a metaphysical spark that reignited Jim's resolve. Don’t call Carol a “psychic”; she prefers “energy reader.”
Jim was trained as a journalist to skeptically scrutinize Carol's claims and remain neutral. But when she provided freakishly accurate details about Frank’s murder, he became a believer. In 2019, he returned to Murrells Inlet with Frank’s brother to dredge up some old leads and settle Frank’s case once and for all. Instead of definitive answers, they found something more important and lasting–-dissolution of guilt, redemption, and peace.
Award-winning entertainer, author, and speaker Jim Cosgrove is a former feature writer for the Albuquerque Journal and staff writer for Hallmark Cards, Inc. Young music fans may be more familiar with Cosgrove’s persona as beloved kid-rocker “Mr. Stinky Feet.” Over the past 23 years, he has performed more than 4,500 high-energy shows throughout North America and Europe and twice at The White House Easter Egg Roll. His nine family albums have earned an impressive collection of national parenting awards. His YouTube channel has more than 2.5 million views. In 2020, his music was streamed more than one million times on Spotify alone. Cosgrove lives in Kansas City with his wife and two daughters.