Our Titles


A Criminal and An Irishman AuthorPatrick Nee
A Slanting of the Sun AuthorDonal Ryan
A Time to Be Born AuthorDawn Powell
A True History of the United States AuthorDaniel A. Sjursen
After Dachau AuthorDaniel Quinn
Against the Ice AuthorEjnar Mikkelson
Ageism Unmasked AuthorTracey Gendron
All That I Have AuthorCastle Freeman, Jr.
Among the Wonderful Written byStacy Carlson
Angels on Toast AuthorDawn Powell
Apostle Paul AuthorJames Cannon
At His Side AuthorA.n. Pirozhkova
Big Towns, Big Talk AuthorPatricia Smith
Blood in the Water AuthorSilver Donald Cameron
Close to Death AuthorPatricia Smith
Dance Night AuthorDawn Powell
De Niro's Game AuthorRawi Hage
Dizzy City AuthorNicholas Griffin
Don't Call it a Cult AuthorSarah Berman
Father, Soldier, Son AuthorNathaniel Tripp
Friendly Fire AuthorAnthony David
Go With Me AuthorCastle Freeman, Jr.
Had it Coming AuthorRobyn Doolittle
Hard Driving AuthorBrian Donovan
How Free Speech Saved Democracy AuthorChristopher Finan
I Can Take it from Here AuthorLisa Forbes
I Heard You Paint Houses AuthorCharles Brandt
If They Give You Lined Paper, Write Sideways AuthorDaniel Quinn
Ike's Mystery Man AuthorPeter Shinkle
Jenny Translated byTiina Nunnally
Jumbo AuthorPaul Chambers
Lieutenant Dangerous AuthorJeff Danziger
Little Bastards in Springtime Written byKatja Rudolph
Little Novels of Sicily AuthorGiovanni Verga
Living Things AuthorAnne Porter
Marina and Lee AuthorPriscilla Johnson Mcmillan
Mawson's Will AuthorLennard Bickel
Mayhem Written byMichele Mcphee
Minik: The New York Eskimo AuthorKenn Harper
Most Way Home AuthorKevin Young
My Home is Far Away AuthorDawn Powell
My Two Wars Introduction byPage Stegner
Philip Guston's Late Work AuthorWilliam Corbett
Poem a Day: Vol. 1 Edited byKaren Mccosker
Poem a Day: Vol. 2 Edited byLaurie Sheck
Poem a Day: Vol. 3 Edited byRetta Bowen
Prejudential AuthorMargaret Kimberley
Ripple AuthorJim Cosgrove
Ruse AuthorRobert Kerbeck
Sicily AuthorSandra Benjamin
Solemn Reverence AuthorRandall Balmer
Strangers in the House AuthorRaja Shehadeh
Street Soldier AuthorPhyllis Karas
Such Sweet Thunder AuthorVincent O. Carter
Tales of Adam AuthorDaniel Quinn
The Book of Matt AuthorStephen Jimenez
The Commandant of Lubizec AuthorPatrick Hicks
The Conformist AuthorAlberto Moravia
The Diaries of Dawn Powell Introduction byTim Page
The Holy AuthorDaniel Quinn
The Irishman (Movie Tie-In) AuthorCharles Brandt
The Law of Dreams AuthorPeter Behrens
The Locusts Have No King AuthorDawn Powell
The Paradiso Files AuthorTimothy M. Burke
The Right to Remain Silent AuthorCharles Brandt
The Spinning Heart AuthorDonal Ryan
The Thing About December AuthorDonal Ryan
The Wicked Pavilion AuthorDawn Powell
The Woman of Rome Translated byTami Calliope
Toufah AuthorToufah Jallow
Turn, Magic Wheel AuthorDawn Powell
Two Ton AuthorJoseph Monninger
Under the Red Flag AuthorHa Jin
Unstitched AuthorBrett Ann Stanciu
War of Numbers AuthorSam Adams
We So Seldom Look on Love AuthorBarbara Gowdy
What's God Got to Do with It? Edited byTim Page
When the Bulbul Stopped Singing AuthorRaja Shehadeh
Will Starling Written byIan Weir
Women of the Shadows AuthorAnn Cornelisen
Yiddish AuthorMiriam Weinstein