We So Seldom Look on Love


Written by Barbara Gowdy

Fiction - Short Stories (single author)

Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-883642-00-6 (1-883642-00-0), 256 pages

$22.99 (CANADIAN $0.00)

June 1998

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Barbara Gowdy is also the author of the critically acclaimed novel Falling Angels. She lives in Toronto where she is presently at work on a new book.


Now in paperback, this masterfully crafted story collection by the author of the internationally best-selling novel Mister Sandman is a haunting book that is certain to both disturb and entertain. With a particular focus on obsession and the abnormal, We So Seldom Look On Love explores life at its quirky extremes, pushing past limits of convention into lives that are fantastic and heartbreakingly real. Whether writing about the dilemma of a two-headed man who attempts to expunge his own pain, the shock of a woman who discovers she has married a transsexual, the erotic delusions of a woman who repeatedly exposes her body to an unknown voyeur, or the bizarre predilections of a female necrophile (a story made into the acclaimed motion picture, "Kissed"), Gowdy convinces us with incisive detail, only to disarm us with black humor.


"Barbara Gowdy invites herself, and us, into taboo territory where love and disgust mingle freely. Nothing seems to hold back the narrative flow, not propriety, not politics, not even that ambiguity we once called good taste . . . Gowdy writes about the macabre, but she writes like an angel." -- Carol Shields, Boston Globe

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