Poem a Day, Vol. 3

Edited by Retta Bowen, Nick Temple, Nicolas Albery,

Poetry - Anthologies (multiple authors)

Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-58642-081-9 (1-58642-081-X), 416 pages

$21.99 (CANADIAN $24.99)

October 2004

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The companion volumes to this new collection — Poem a Day: Volume 1 and Poem a Day: Volume 2 — have together sold nearly a hundred thousand copies. They are a word-of-mouth sensation among those who want poetry to be a greater presence in their lives, and perennial gift-giving favorites. Like its predecessors, Poem a Day: Volume 3 offers a verse for each day of the year (including February 29) along with brief, often amusing, always interesting anecdotes about the poets and their poems. The original Poem a Day was the brainchild of Englishman Nicholas Albery, a colorful and charismatic figure whose interests ranged from social inventions to a greener environment. He had already commenced work on this volume when he died tragically in a car crash. A foundation was created in his memory, and his friends and colleagues at the Nicholas Albery Foundation completed the work.


Praise for Poem a Day, Volume 1:

"This book is a dream, a revivalist campaign, a challenge, a book of days, and an anthology, all in one." -- The Guardian

"A very good and varied collection, with delightful oddities." -- The Times (London) 

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