Apostle Paul

A Novel

Written by James Cannon

Fiction - Historical

Trade Paperback, ISBN 978-1-58195-220-9 (1-58195-220-1), 448 pages

$16.95 (CANADIAN $22.95)

November 2006

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James Cannon is currently retired from public life. He was an aide to President Ford and Governor Nelson Rockefeller, and chief of staff for Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker. Before entering political work, he was chief political writer, national affairs correspondent, and Chief of Correspondents at Newsweek. Before that he was on the staff of Time. During World War II he served in the U.S. Army and O.S.S. in the Caribbean and Asia theaters, achieving the rank of captain. Author or coauthor of four previous books, this is his first work of fiction. He lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife.


The iconic Saint Paul – in his lifetime a scholar, prosecutor for the high court of the Jews, accomplice in murder, adventurer, traveler, orator, writer, advocate, and organizer of a new faith – was in fact a Jewish-Hellenistic citizen of the Roman Empire, a man who by the force of his intellect and indomitable will changed the course of history. Eventually he became the leader of the movement that delivered the social and moral authority of Christianity to a pagan world. His quality of mind and ability to exhort and persuade, his personal commitment to ethical conduct and values, and his courage and indefatigability made Paul one of the continuing forces in the progress of Western civilization.


" I have just finished Apostle Paul. I enjoyed your book a lot. I read the Bible, and your book helps me better understand the letters and the life of Paul." — President George W. Bush, in a letter to James Cannon


"Cannon masters both character and setting as he brings Paul and the world of first-century Christianity to life.... Without ever sacrificing story, Cannon neatly explores the various doctrinal squabbles between Paul and the apostles who knew Jesus. A solid addition to the biblicial fiction shelves." — Booklist


" A splendid work of disciplined imagination, giving flesh to a complex man who sought to live by the Spirit." — Kenneth L. Woodward, longtime Religion Editor of Newsweek and author of Making Saints


"A provincial Jewish intellectual sets out in life to kill Christians and ends by making Christianity the triumphant faith of the Western world. Cannon's novel makes this passionate and baffling mystic totally and plausibly human." Russell Baker

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