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Though Steerforth Press has published a range of titles on a variety of topics, we are currently focusing our acquisition energies on narrative nonfiction:

Steerforth Press is seeking projects that feature meticulous, original research and maintain a fidelity to the knowable facts while employing the novelist’s tools of description, character development, dialogue and drama to tell stories that transport readers through time and space, that impart a deep emotional understanding of the personalities at play and the desires and challenges they faced as only enduring works of literature can. True crime, political, military, cultural and sports histories, business narratives and exploration are among topics of potential interest.

Sorry, but we do not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions.


miss_fuller the_shooting_salvationist Among the Wonderful The Iron Bridge

Written by Sandra Benjamin

Written by Lennard Bickel

Written by Patrick Nee, Richard Farrell, Michael Blythe

Written by Raja Shehadeh

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